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Things To Do In Sandoy: Take A Trip To The Museum!


Are you looking for something fun and exciting to do in Sandoy? From the Museum of Art in Sandur to the Common House in Skálavík, there are many exciting things to do and experience in this beautiful island. With a plethora of museums that host artifacts from the region’s past, visitors can explore the rich history and culture of Sandoy. Read on to learn about some of the top things to do in Sandoy.

Museum of Art in Sandur

The Museum of Art in Sandur boasts a variety of historical and contemporary art pieces that are sure to captivate and delight your senses. Located in the heart of the island, the museum boasts a collection of work from local and international artists. Not only will visitors be able to gaze upon paintings and sculptures, but they’ll also be able to take part in the museum’s various educational programs.

At the Museum of Art in Sandur, visitors can get a glimpse of the local art history and culture. The museum’s collection features a variety of styles and periods, from classical to contemporary. Visitors can view works from renowned local and international painters and sculptors, as well as an impressive collection of modern art and photography. The museum also regularly hosts exhibitions that focus on a particular artist or art form, allowing visitors to have a deep and holistic understanding of the artistic culture of Sandoy.

In addition to viewing the artwork, visitors can also take part in educational programs and workshops. The museum offers a variety of interactive activities that allow visitors to get hands-on with the art and explore their own creativity. Educators are available to answer questions and provide further information about the artwork and the museum's history. Visitors can even join art classes and workshops, which are tailored to the individual’s needs and skill level.

For those wishing to take a break, the Museum of Art in Sandur also offers a relaxing cafe and shop. Visitors can enjoy refreshments and snacks, as well as browse the museum’s gift shop, which features a wide range of items from local and international artists.

The Museum of Art in Sandur offers a truly unique experience and is the perfect way to explore the culture and art of Sandoy. From its stunning collection of artwork to its educational programs, this museum has something for everyone. So, make sure to pay a visit to the Museum of Art in Sandur if you're ever in the area!

Common House in Skálavík

One of the most popular things to do in Sandoy is a visit to the Common House in Skálavík. This 18th century building is the oldest surviving house in the area, and is a unique example of Faroese vernacular architecture. Within the house, visitors can explore the museum with its collection of artifacts that tell the story of the area’s local history and culture.

On the lower level, visitors can explore the main room, where the family would have once held large communal gatherings. The upper floor holds the living space and bedrooms, and the attic is full of shipbuilding artifacts and other items of historical interest.

Outside, you can explore the garden and surrounding area, which has been carefully restored to its original state. This includes an old quay and schooner, as well as the old fish house complete with potato pits, fishing gear, and tools used in daily life.

The house and its collection are well worth a visit, as it provides a unique insight into the history and culture of the Faroes and its people. For those with extra time, a visit to the Common House is just one of the many things to do in Sandoy, so be sure to check it out!

Village Museum in Skopun

One of the most enjoyable and educational things to do in Sandoy is visiting the Village Museum in Skopun. Located in the heart of the island, the museum comprises a collection of traditional Faroese homes and buildings, providing visitors with an insight into the culture and history of the Faroe Islands.

The museum's main attraction is the selection of traditional Faroese houses, which were once inhabited by the island's residents. This allows visitors to get a sense of the traditional lifestyle and culture of the island, as well as gaining an appreciation for the unique architecture of each home. The museum houses traditional turf-roofed and wooden Faroese dwellings, including a replica of a traditional Faroese boat.

The museum is also home to a variety of artifacts, including clothing, cooking utensils, furniture and other items from the Faroese life of the past. The museum staff are more than happy to provide visitors with an in-depth look at the history and culture of the island, which makes for an especially insightful visit.

Further, the museum hosts numerous events throughout the year, ranging from traditional Faroese music and dance performances to more contemporary events. The museum also holds workshops, including lessons in Faroese cooking, knitting, and other traditional activities.

For those looking to shop, the museum provides a selection of Faroese souvenirs, as well as a gift shop offering locally crafted items.

In conclusion, the Village Museum in Skopun provides visitors with an immersive exploration into the culture and history of the Faroe Islands. With a variety of traditional houses, artifacts, and events, the museum offers unique insight into the traditional Faroese lifestyle, as well as providing souvenirs and local crafts.

Economusée Føroya Grótvirki

If you’re looking to experience a traditional Faroese craft, a trip to the Economusée Føroya Grótvirki in Sandoy is a must-do. This museum celebrates the distinctive art of hand-carved stones, which has been utilized in the Faroe Islands for centuries. The museum offers visitors a peek into the past, with interactive exhibits and displays that showcase the history of the craft.

At the Economusée Føroya Grótvirki, guests are given the chance to take a guided tour of the workshop and observe the various artisans at work. It is a unique experience to watch a master hand-carver carefully etching intricate designs into the stones, and to learn about the various techniques used in the process. Also, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase unique hand-crafted souvenirs from the museum’s gift shop. After the tour, guests can explore the delightful surrounding area and take in the beautiful Tusenbroe coastal landscape.

The Economusée Føroya Grótvirki is open every day of the week, and admission is free. A trip to the museum is an excellent way to experience the ancient Faroese craft of stone carving and to discover the rich history and culture of the Faroe Islands. Put this unique attraction on your list of things to do in Sandoy and plan a trip to the Economusée Føroya Grótvirki today!


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